Thursday, 22 February 2018

Xtreme is a well-equipped gym; the training section of the gym is perfectly sized allowing the trainees to perform comfortably without interfering with each other while not feeling lost in an enormous gym. One of the walls is covered with mirrors to help the trainees improve their techniques by observe themselves performing. The floor is covered with a non-slip rubber carpet to prevent joint damage from occurring especially the knee and hip during the exercises that involve jumping.

Our gym is also equipped with a good sound system which is useful to trainees since it helps in encouraging them to push further when they get tired. We also have a number of punch bags, kicking pads and even a boxing ring that can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes when required.


Xtreme is also equipped with a massage room where a Certified Masseur is available by appointment. This gym is also equipped with well-sized showers and toilets. The gym is a very clean and hygienic gym and is cleaned daily.


3, Triq Gharram, Haz Zebbug
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Address: 3, Triq l-Gharram, Zebbug Malta 

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Phone : +356 99445770